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In order to receive FREE live over-the-air broadcasts, you will need an outdoor or indoor antenna depending on your location. Many popular television programs including House, So You Think You Can Dance, Glee, American idol, Survivor, Greys Anatomy, and more are available over-the-air for free. In addition, major sporting events like the World Series, Super Bowl, Olympics, and PGA golf are also available on over-the-air broadcast channels.
  • Highest quality HD programming
  • Many popular TV programs are available on free broadcast TV
  • Most major markets have 60+ channels*
  • Also Religious and Hispanic channels

Over-the-air broadcasts provide the highest quality of HD available without any video compression or compromised video quality. All cable and Satellite providers use video compression techniques which degrades picture quality. You will notice a difference between their picture quality and what is available over-the-air with Free2Me.TV. We make available all the needed products and accessories to start watching Today. So click the Get Started Today button below

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